Beijing airport duty free

Beijing Capital Inernational Airport Duty Free Shops, Beijing airport duty free

Duty Free Procurement Methods

  1. Customers are required to present their boarding passes (or valid IDs for international airline crew) in order to shop at Sunrise.
  2. If customers wish to take advantage of our “pre-order outbound and pick-up inbound” service, they are asked to order and pay for their merchandise upon departure and upon return, they are required to present their return boarding passes at the arrival shop for pick-up.
  3. Customers with onward transits are advised to consult with our sales assistants regarding relevant airline policies on liquids and gel items.
  4. All merchandise are priced in RMB, however Sunrise also accepts other major currencies (USD, HKD, EUR, and JPY) as well as all major credit cards.

Enjoy your shopping experience with Sunrise Duty Free!!