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1. Beijing Airport Express Train Schedule

Station Upward Direction–for the Downtown Downward Direction–for the Airport
First Train Last Train First Train Last Train
Dongzhimen 6:00 22:30
Sanyuanqiao 6:52 23:27 6:04 22:34
T3 Terminal 6:21 22:51
T2 Terminal 6:35 23:10


  1. Interval of Beijing airport express is 10 minutes during the morning and afternoon peak periods including 9:30-12:30 and 16:00-18:30
  2. Interval of the airport express is 15 minutes during other operation hours

2.Beijing Airport Express Train Introduction

The Airport Express links central Beijing to Terminal 3 within just 16 minutes, and Terminal 2 from Dongzhimen, central Beijing is no more than 25 minutes away. The distance between Dongzhimen and Beijing Airport is 23 km by car. It presently costs RMB 16 for airport express. There are 4 stops along the express rail link: Terminal 3, Terminal 2, Sanyuanqiao  and Dongzhimen. Dongzhimen will be the final city terminus. The Infrastructure Powers That Be, fully recognizing the current transport mélange at Dongzhimen, are putting the touching pieces to the Dongzhimen Transport Hub. The Airport Express will come into the hub on Basement Level 4, with Lines 2 and 13 a few floors above. You’ll actually be able to follow the signs and complete the interchange without ever seeing a ray of light (sun or moon). After the Games, you’ll even be able to check in your bags from Dongzhimen.

The line will have only four stops along the entire line. There will be two stops in central Beijing — Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao — with the two remaining stops at Beijing Capital International Airport. The Airport Express reaches Terminal 3 before reaching Terminal 2; passengers for Terminal 1 need to use the transfer passageway at Terminal 2.

Service intervals are expected to be 5 minutes at the start, with the entire trip taking around 18 minutes (Terminal 3) or 25 minutes (Terminal 2).

The new subway line will be a driverless system.

Terminal 3 station is covered by a cavernous steel archway
Passengers can check flight information immediately upon exiting the train. Passengers arrive through the northeast entrance to a transfer center comprising four passages. One passage in the middle reaches Terminal 3; two on the side lead to departure hall of Terminal 3 and the last passage in the middle connects to the arrival hall. All passages are navigable within a five-minute walk.
One minute after stopping at this station, the train will progress towards the Terminal 2 station.
After stopping at Terminal 3, the train progresses back in the opposite direction before making a huge turn on its approach to Terminal 2. The short journey takes approximately three to four minutes.

The first train departs from Dongzhimen Station at 6:00.
The last train departs from Dongzhimen Station at 22:30.

The first train departs from Terminal 3 at 6:21.
The last train departs from Terminal 3 at 22:51.

The first train departs from Terminal 2 at 6:35.
The last train departs from Terminal 2 at 23:10.

Airport-bound trains depart from Dongzhimen from 6:00am-10:30pm. City-bound trains depart Terminal 3 from 6:21am to 10:51pm and Terminal 2 from 6:35am to 11:10pm.

3.Beijing Airport Express Train Route

The Airport Express runs in the following sequence: Dongzhimen → Sanyuanqiao → Terminal 3 → Terminal 2 → Sanyuanqiao → Dongzhimen. Riders can transfer to Lines 2 and 13 at Dongzhimen and to Line10 at Sanyuanqiao.

Most of the 28.1 km of tracks are on the surface, except for a 4-km segment between Dongzhimen and Sanyuanqiao, several minor crossings underneath existing railways lines, and the terminal connection within the airport.

Please note that there is only T3 to T2 train and there is no reserve direction trains. The T3, T2 and Sanyuanqiao is just like a big circle – the train only goes counter-clockwise.

4.Beijing Airport Express Train Ticket

Ticket of Airport Express Train

Ticket of Airport Express Train

Fare: CNY25/person
At each of the four pick-up stations, you could purchase a card ticket by RMB cash from the manual ticket office or the ticket vending machines which have Chinese and English service. Please keep your ticket well since it will be reclaimed when you exit from the express train station. In case you lose the ticket, you have to pay for a compensatory ticket which charges CNY250/person.

Besides purchasing a ticket by cash, the ticket fare could be paid by the Beijing transportation smart card if you already have one. The fare will be deducted from the balance in your card when you exit from the express train station.

5.How to Take?

Airport Transportation Sign Departure from Capital Airport to Sanyuanqiao & Dongzhimen
When you arrive in Beijing Capital Airport, please follow the signs to the Airport Express Train Station → purchase a ticket and enter into the waiting hall → get off the train and return the ticket → exit from the subway station or purchase another ticket to transfer to subway Line 2, Line 13 or Line 10

Departure from Dongzhimen to Capital Airport

Please enter into the subway station from Exit E on the ground and take the elevator downstairs to B1 → purchasing ticket and go through security check → take the elevator downstairs to B4 → waiting and boarding the Airport Express Train
Tips: If you transfer to the Airport Express Train from subway Line 2 and Line 13 at Dongzhimen, you have to return the ticket which only charges CNY2 firstly. Afterwards, please go to the ticket office of the Airport Express Train to get a new one.

Stations, Ticketing, Pricing and Duration

  • As you can see, there are four stations for the airport express, naming T2 Terminal Station, T3 Terminal Station, Sanyuanqiao Station and Dongzhimen Station successively. It’s easy to get to the airport express station as long as you follow the guide signs. The location of Terminal 2 Station is at B2 of No. 2 Parking Garage and the location of Terminal 3 Station is at F2 of No. 3 Parking Garage. Sanyuanqiao is the transfer station (an interchange station) for Beijing Subway line 10 and Dongzhimen is the transfer station for Beijing subway line 2 (loop line) and Line 13.
  • Airport express is the fastest transportation mode between Beijing Capital International Airport and the downtown area. Duration is 20 minutes and ticket price is Renminbi 25 Yuan.
  • Please keep hold of your ticket after check in as you will need it again to check out electronically after arriving the destination.

6.Beijing Airport Express Train Photos

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