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Taking a taxi is the most convenient way for newcomers to travel around a metropolis like Beijing. There are over 66,000 taxis running in every corner of the city. Most of the taxi drivers in Beijing can speak some simple English, which offers western visitors a great convenience of being able to communicate with them.

Beijing airport provides taxi stands at all three terminals. It is very convenient to take taxis at the Beijing airport if you want to go to the city. For example, from Beijing airport to Wangfujing, the taxi cost is around RMB 90 exclusive of toll gate fee and fuel surcharge.

The taxi charge standards are as following:

05:00—23:00, the taxi fare is RMB10 for the first 3KM, RMB 2 for additional 1KM after 3KM and RMB 3 for additional 1 KM after 15 KM.

23:00—05:00, the taxi fare is RMB 11 for the first 3KM, RMB 2.4 for additional 1 KM after 3KM and RMB3.4 for additional 1KM after 15KM.

Airport Taxi Service Hotline:

Taxi Locations at Each Terminal:
Terminal 1: Outside Gate 1 to 5 on arrival hall
Terminal 2: Outside Gate 5 to 9 on arrival hall
Terminal 3: Please refer to the signs inside the terminal building


beijing airport taxi

beijing airport taxi

Tips for Taking Taxi at Beijing Airport

Illegal taxi driver may occasionally appear at arrival halls especially at international ones at each terminal. They will approach you and say “Sir, do you need a taxi?” please ignore them, otherwise, you’ll be over charged a lot more than a regular taxi. Please follow the signs to the taxi stand which lines outside the terminal halls.

Express toll fees will be afforded by passengers (RMB 10).

Please ask the taxi driver for invoices and write down the plate number if necessary.

Here’s how the legal taxi look like in Beijing:

beijing airport taxi

beijing airport taxi

beijing airport taxi

beijing airport taxi

When come to China at the first time, identify the legal taxies and the way to use it may very important. Illegal taxies occasionally appears at the airport, therefore, remember how it looks like and the way to use it. The video is from, we are the same company.

Travel Tips for taking taxi

1) Official taxis have a taxi sign on the roof, and on the dashboard on the passenger side is a placard with the drivers registration number. If this placard is missing then avoid it. At your destination, you should requrst a fappiao (a receipt, which is generated by the meter). If the meter isn’t working, you can refuse to pay, and if the driver threatens to call the police, encourage him to do so. At this point he will write a hand-written fappiao, but make sure he (or you) writes down the car registration and the driver registration before paying your money for the taxi.

2) Please keep the address card from your hotel or written by your hotel staff in Chinese to show the taxi driver. A hotel card with the Hotel’s name in Chinese for your return trip. So always carry a card from the hotel in the event you get lost in the city. Show the card to the driver and ask him to bring you there. Most of the drivers are not able to speak in English.

3) You can also charter a taxi ( as a private your own car ) for day trips to the Great Wall ( which is around 1.5 hour drive from city) or just to transfer you around various locations like Forbidden City, Summer Palace, Temple of Heaven, Panjiayuan, Wangfujinging, etc. As long as it is within the city, most drivers are more than willing to let you charter their car for the day. A typical taxi will cost around RMB450 to RMB600 for an 8-hour day rental with driver. Each car can hold 4 comfortably. If you are sharing the car among 4, that is less than US$20 for a day.

4) Travelling around Beijing by taxi is quite easy. However, when it rains, it becomes a totally different situation. Keep in mind if you have a plane or train to catch, expecially if you have an unchangeable ticket! Firstly, cabs can be very difficult to find in the rain. Secondly, many taxis will simply refuse to take on longer journeys, especially to the airport and they also will refuse to go anywhere if it involves driving on the 3rd Ring Road which is jammed completely in the rain! So check the weather report and it is better to plan to get to the station or airport three hours before check-in time if your ticket is unchangeable.

5) The bridge and road tolls will be paid by passengers. For a journey that takes longer than 10 kilo or running after 23:00, the fares will be charged at 20% more.

Beijing Taxi rider’s rights

As a taxi rider, you have the rights below:
Direct drive to your destination;
The car pooling is legal in Beijing;
Booking a taxi on phone
Calling a taxi at a taxi stand;
Your car driver knows the streets in Beijing and the way to major destinations in Beijing;
Your driver should know and abide by all traffic laws;
Air-conditioning on demand;
A radio-free trip;
No Smoking
A clean passenger seat area;
A clean trunk
A driver uses the horn only when necessary to warn of danger;
No Tip.

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