Handicapped-User-Friendly Facilities

Beijing Capital Airport provides particular and thoughtful services for special passengers. If you encounter any difficulty, you can ask the inquiry counter personnel for help, or call the 24-hour service hotlines, 86-10-96158(charged as local calls). (i) Blind Path and Handrail Braille The roads beside drive ways in front of terminal buildings, each entry to the …

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Drinking Water

The terminal buildings also provide many self-service water fountains for you, which are distributed all over the areas. The water fountains include: Ordinary purified water fountains With disposable envelope-typed paper cups Automatic water fountains Equipped with two syphons, providing you with cold, hot and icy direct drinking water Full-automatic electrical water heaters

Money exchange at Beijing airport?

Money exchange at Beijing airport? If you travel in Beijing,first ,you need consider of Money exchange.sometimes,you will ask “I am trying to figure out whether i should exchange money in the US or in China.or I can change money in my hostel ,or there have so many ATM I can change.”But I’m heard they charge …

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