Beijing Daxing airport bus service

Three bus lines, Xinghangcheng Line 1, Xinghangcheng Line 2 and Xinghangcheng Line 2 North Route, are now open to passengers. Xinghangcheng Line 1 goes in the direction of Yufa Town in Daxing District, Xinghangcheng Line 2 goes in the direction of Lixian Town in Daxing District, and Xinghangcheng Line 2 North Route goes in the direction of Anding Town in Daxing District.

Pick-up Point

Xinghang Road #1, Xinghang Road #2: Front side opposite to Gate 19 on the 1st floor of the Terminal building (Express Pick-up Zone)

Bus Line Information

LineBus stationFirst and last bus
Xinghangcheng No.1 RouteKangtai Street-Airport Cargo AreaKangtai Street-Xiangrui Street-Konggangxinyuan-South of Shengping Street-Tonghe Street-Jinrong Street-East of Yufa Road-Yufa Station-Xinqiao Village-Daxinzhuang-Xijia River-Front Yanggezhuang-West of Hangxing Road-Tianxing No. 6 Street-Southern Base-Terminal-South of Tianxing No. 1 Street-North of Tianxing No. 1 Street-East of Hangxing Road-Shift Dormitory-Education and Scientific Research Base-Airport Cargo Area.Kangtai Street
First bus:4:25
Last bus:22:30
Airport Cargo Area-Kangtai StreetAirport Cargo Area-Education and Scientific Research Base-Shift Dormitory-East of Hangxing Road-Shift Dormitory-North of Tianxing No. 1 Street-Tianxing No. 6 Street-West of Hangxing Road-Front Yanggezhuang-Xijia River-Daxinzhuang-Xinqiao Village-Yufa Station-East of Yufa Road-Jinrong Street-Tonghe Street-Southern of Shengping Street-Konggangxinyuan-Xiangrui Street-Kangtai Street.Terminal
First bus:5:10
Last bus:23:30
Xinghangcheng No. Route2Lixianjiayuan-Terminal-LixianjiayuanLixianjiayuan-Daijiayuan-East Gate Lixian-Baishuzhuang-Jingjiawu Village Committee-Ligezhuang-Education and Scientific Research Base-Airport Avenue-Eastern Base-Southern Base-Terminal-South of Tianxing No. 1 Street-Airport Avenue-Education and Scientific Research Base-Ligezhuang-Jingjiawu Village Committee-Baishuzhuang-East Gate Lixian-Daijiayuan-LixianjiayuanLixianjiayuan
First bus:4:20
Last bus: 22:30
First bus:5:10
Last bus:23:30
Xinghangcheng Line 2 North RouteAnding Industrial Zone–Terminal-Anding Industrial ZoneAnding Industrial Zone→North Zhengfuzhuang→South Zhengfuzhuang→Longxing Jiayuan→Lvfang Village→Anding Denggang→West Entrance of Xibaita Village→South Entrance of Xibaita Village→Hebeitou→North of Juxian Road on Xiangli Street→ North of Xingxian Road on Xiangli Street→ Lixian Minzu Middle School→Lixian East Entrance→Lixian Town Central Health Center→Beijing Free Trade Innovation Service Center→Donghu North Road→Airport Cargo Area→Educational & Scientific Research Base→Airport Avenue→China Eastern Airlines Base→China Southern Airlines Base→Terminal→South Tianxing First Street→Airport Avenue→Educational & Scientific Research Base→Airport Cargo Area→Donghu North Road→Beijing Free Trade Innovation Service Center→Lixian Town Central Health Center→Lixian East Entrance→Lixian Minzu Middle School→Lixian Jiayuan→North of Xingxian Road on Xiangli Street→ North of Juxian Road on Xiangli Street→Hebeitou→South Entrance of Xibaita Village→West Entrance of Xibaita Village→Anding Denggang→Lvfang Village→Longxing Jiayuan→South Zhengfuzhuang→North Zhengfuzhuang→Anding Industrial ZoneAnding Industrial Zone
First bus:5:30
Last bus: 19:30
First bus:6:20
Last bus:20:30

Pricing method

The fare within 10 km (inclusive) is 2 Yuan, and the fare increase is 1 Yuan within 5 km (inclusive).