Beijing Daxing Airport Express

Daxing Airport Express

Daxing Airport Express passes by Caoqiao Station (connect to Metro Line 10 and Line 19), Daxing New Town Station and Daxing Airport Station. Passengers can deal with checking, luggage checking and luggage security check in Caoqiao Sation.

Tel: 010-87837266


B1 floor of terminal

Operating hours

Cao Qiao Station-Daxing Airport Station: 05:41-22:30

Daxing Airport Station- Cao Qiao Station: 06:00-23:00

Departure interval



Note: Fare selling and collection will be stopped 5 minutes before the last train. You are recommended to enter the station 10 minutes before the last train.


1. Ordinary one-way ticket (applicable to ordinary carriages)

2. Interval Periodic Electronic Counting Tickets (for ordinary carriages only)

3. Business one-way ticket (applicable to business carriages)
Single fare for the whole journey: 50 yuan.

4. Rapid Transit Ticket Discount Collection
Attention please! Passengers who buy tickets for arriving and departing flights at Daxing Airport, such as China Southern Airlines, China Eastern Airlines, Air China and Xiamen Airlines, can enjoy different degrees of discount on express tickets available at Daxing Airport. Please feel free to contact customer service hotlines of each company or visit its official website and APP with any questions about preferential rules, conditions, applicable accommodation and promotion validity periods. Interpretation of specific rights and interests shall be subject to the statement displayed at the time of claiming.

China Southern Airlines 95539

China Eastern Airlines 95530

Air China 95583

Xiamen Airlines 95557

5. Free Passengers

Children not higher than 1.3 meters can take the Daxing Airport Line free of charge; children must be accompanied by an adult and the adult shall pay for the ride. For adults carrying a child not higher than 1.3 meters, please swipe through the gate in accordance with the policy of “child first, adult second”; for adults carrying more than one child not higher than 1.3 meters, please contact the station staff.

According to relevant laws, regulations and rules of the state and this Municipality, passengers eligible for free rides can exchange welfare tickets at the station ticket office with valid certificates for free rides or swipe their cards (only for ordinary cars). The person who escorts a blind passenger also enjoys a free ride. Passengers who do not carry the certificate or whose certificates are difficult to identify due to damage should purchase the ticket according to regulations. The above-mentioned tickets and certificates are for personal use only, and cannot be lent, transferred or altered.