Beijing Daxing International Airport

Beijing Daxing International Airport Transportation

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Beijing Daxing International Airport, codenamed PKX, is the world’s largest airport and Beijing’s second international airport, with four runways and 79 airport parking spaces.Beijing Daxing International Airport is located between Yufa and Lixian towns in Daxing District of Beijing and Guangyang District of Langfang City of Hebei Province.It is 67 kilometers away from Beijing Capital International Airport; 46 kilometers away from Tiananmen Square in a straight line; and 54 kilometers away from Beijing’s urban sub-center; 55 kilometers from Xiongan New Area; 81 kilometers from Tianjin; 26 kilometers from Langfang.


Every station on the Daxing Airport Line from north to south is an interchange station. Among them, Caoqiao Station is an interchange station with the already-operating Line 10 and the under-construction Line 19; Caoqiao Station has an interchange distance of 290 meters with Metro Line 10, and the interchange time is 6 minutes; Daxing Airport Line and the under-construction Metro Line 19 are at Caoqiao Station, with an interchange distance of 45 meters and an interchange time of 1 minute.

Passengers taking the Daxing Airport Line to the airport terminal will first arrive at the rail transit station hall on the B1 level, with a walking distance of 75 meters between the Daxing Airport Line and the terminal building, and enter the terminal building after going through the security check.


The Jingxiong High Speed Railway will depart from Beijing West Railway Station and set up a station at Daxing Airport. Passengers will only take 30 minutes to travel from Beijing West Station to Daxing International Airport by high-speed train. The walking distance between the Beijing-Xiong high-speed rail line and the terminal building is 150 meters, and they will enter the terminal building after going through the security check.

Shuttle Bus

Daxing International Airport is equipped with 6 city bus routes and 4 inter-provincial bus routes. The city routes include Beijing Station Line, Beijing West Station Line, Beijing South Station Line, Tongzhou Line, Fangshan Line, Xuanwumen Night Line, and the inter-provincial routes include Baoding Line, Langfang Line, Tangshan Line, and Tianjin Line.

The situation of each line is subject to the actual operation of the airport bus company.

Terminal Floor Plan

5F Catering

4F Domestic/International Check-in Area, International Joint Inspection

3F Domestic check-in area for China Southern Airlines First Class, Business Class and Pearl Gold/Silver Card members, domestic security check, international check-in

2F Domestic Waiting, Domestic Arrival, Transfer, Domestic Baggage Claim, International Arrival

1F International Baggage Claim, International Arrival Joint Inspection

B1 Domestic check-in, domestic security check, railroad station lobby

B2 Railway platform

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