How do I get from Beijing airport to the city?

There are several ways to get from Beijing Capital International Airport to the city center:

1.Take the Airport Express: You can choose to take the Airport Express to reach the city center. There are three lines to choose from, including the East Line, West Line, and Inter-City Railway Line. It is recommended to take the East Line for a convenient and quick journey.

2.Take an Airport Bus: Airport buses travel to various destinations in the city, such as Beijing Station, Beijing West Station, Guomao, Wangfujing, and more. You can select the appropriate route based on your destination.

3.Taxi: Taking a taxi from the airport to the city center generally takes around 60-80 minutes, but it can be affected by traffic conditions. The cost is approximately around 100 yuan.

4.Book a Private Car: You can book a private car service through platforms like Didi Chuxing and Renren Chuxing to reach the city center. This option is relatively more expensive.