Is taxi expensive in Beijing?

Taking a taxi in Beijing is quite convenient, but many friends are not sure about the starting price for Beijing taxis.

1.Starting Fare: When taking a taxi in Beijing for a journey within 3 kilometers, the starting fare is 13 yuan. The basic fare per kilometer is 2.3 yuan, and there is a fuel surcharge of 1 yuan per trip.

2.Nighttime Surcharge: If you take a taxi between 23:00 and 5:00 the next day, there is an additional 20% charge on top of the basic fare.

3.Low-Speed Waiting Fee: When the vehicle’s speed is less than 12 kilometers per hour, typically during peak hours in the morning and evening, an additional charge of 2 yuan per minute will apply, excluding the idle fee. At other times, there is an additional charge of 1 yuan per minute, also excluding the idle fee.

4.Reservation Service Fee: If a passenger makes a reservation at least 4 hours in advance, the charge is 6 yuan per reservation. If the reservation is made within 4 hours, the charge is 5 yuan per reservation.

5.Idle Fee: For one-way passenger-carrying trips exceeding 15 kilometers, there is an additional 50% charge on top of the basic fare. However, there is no additional idle fee for round-trip passenger-carrying trips.

6.Shared Ride Cost: For shared ride distances, the cost is primarily calculated at 60% of the fare for non-shared rides.

When taking a taxi, it’s important to choose a legitimate taxi service to avoid the risk of overcharging. It is also recommended to sit in the back seat rather than the front passenger seat for safety when traveling in a taxi.