Step-by-Step Guide: Registering a Company in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as an international metropolis, holds a significant position in both trade and finance. To facilitate entrepreneurs from all over the world in establishing their businesses in Hong Kong, the government has introduced a series of convenient policies. In this guide, we will provide you with a detailed overview of how to register a company in Hong Kong.


  1. Choose the Type of Company in Hong Kong

In Hong Kong, foreign individuals looking to register a company have two options: a limited company and a company limited by shares. A limited company has limited liability, meaning shareholders are not responsible for excessive debts. On the other hand, a company limited by shares is similar to a limited company but with added restrictions on share transfers. Shareholders cannot use shares as collateral or transfer them to individuals outside the company. Therefore, it is generally recommended to register a limited company.

  1. Select a Suitable Company Name

The company name should be precise, concise, easy to read, memorable, and free from confusion or misunderstanding, making it suitable for promotional purposes. When choosing a company name, the Hong Kong government requires adherence to six simple principles: 1) it must not be identical or too similar to existing company names; 2) it should not be overly common or potentially misleading; 3) it must not resemble government names; 4) it should not involve criminal, negative, or scandalous content; 5) it must not insult or misrepresent Hong Kong; 6) it must not violate Hong Kong’s anti-discrimination laws.

  1. Prepare Registration Documents for Hong Kong

When preparing registration documents, you need to submit the company’s registration form, the company’s articles of association, documents confirming the company’s address, an explanation of the company’s shareholding structure, and identification documents for the company’s directors. Additionally, personal information, addresses, and occupations of the directors must be provided.

  1. Approval by the Hong Kong Company Registry

After submitting the registration documents, you can track the approval process on the Hong Kong Companies Registry website. Once the registration documents are approved, the Registry will issue the company registration certificate and the articles of association.

  1. Register for Taxation in Hong Kong

After obtaining the company registration certificate, you need to visit the tax department to register for taxation and apply for a business license. Furthermore, a Hong Kong statutory auditor will handle financial and tax matters, and the company must pay the relevant taxes and duties to the tax department and customs.

  1. Open a Hong Kong Company Bank Account

Once the company is successfully registered, you’ll need to open a company bank account in Hong Kong. This process is relatively straightforward; you’ll just need to have the necessary company documents ready and visit a bank to complete the account opening procedures.

These are the specific steps for registering a company in Hong Kong. It’s essential to note that different company types may have slightly different registration procedures. While the process for registering a company in Hong Kong is relatively straightforward, seeking professional assistance is recommended to ensure a smooth and error-free process and to avoid any potential losses due to oversight.